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Alchemy Capital’s executive management consultancy, asset management, and facilities management divisions provide operational advice for the development of new businesses.


As your financial advisors, we represent your voice in the marketplace, and so we ensure your interests are at the centre of any actions we undertake.


As a firm dedicated to ethical practices, we ensure our solutions have a positive impact on the communities and companies we invest in.


We understand that long-term value requires care and attention to the social and environmental impact of our work.

Process handling

Buy-Side Representation

Alchemy Capital’s buy-side representation service expertly aids corporations, private equity firms and investors throughout the entire process of merging or acquiring a business. The integration of a relevant company adds value to a firm by diversifying products and services, increasing market share, and giving a larger plant capacity. Alchemy Capital’s expert analysts ensure clients are fairly represented on the buy-side of transactions, with the knowledge and prowess to foresee potential pitfalls and problems, giving clients the ultimate clarity to make an informed decision on the appropriate merger or acquisition transaction for their specific needs.

Multifaceted approach

Real Estate Advisory

Alchemy Capital’s real estate development team offers a multifaceted approach which encompasses everything from acquisition of land, architectural planning, civil engineering, construction, and the renovation of existing buildings. We coordinate all activities involving real estate, converting ideas into reality and managing the entire process from beginning to the end.

Optimizing investment portfolio

Asset Management

Alchemy Capital’s asset management services coordinate financial activity to realize the full potential value of their clients’ assets or entities. Alchemy Capital has a detail-oriented approach and vast experience in asset management, aiming to deliver optimal value by right decision-making.

Ensuring compliance

Facilities Management

Alchemy Capital’s facilities management company offers a complete service directing all facets of property management. Our facilities management company forms part of our larger asset management division to encompass all aspects of property management.

Optimizing investment portfolio

Mergers and Acquisitions

Alchemy Capital’s innovative analysts have the talent and experience to creatively identify appropriate merger or acquisition opportunities to aid clients in achieving their strategic goals. Each step of the process – from valuation to negotiation and completion – requires extensive experience and knowledge.

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Our ethical code is not merely a handsome set of rhetorical statements; we actively demonstrated our core values in every decision we make and every action we take.

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